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What are Electro Sex Toys?

An electro sex toy produces electrical impulses on the human genitals for erotic stimulations. These are erotically advanced gadgets and also quite pleasurable to use.

It is an exclusive device from where electric impulses are drawn to give rise to what you call the erotic electro stimulation. These impulses stir the nerve endings and make the user ecstatic for a desired climax.

The good thing is these electric impulses are perfectly compatible with the human body since it has lots of water inside. Hence, the sensations felt by the user range from mild to wild. You can shop for the finest models among the female sex toys in Pallavaram.


Who can use Electro Sex Toys?

Anyone who is sexually fit and ready to experiment something new in their sex life can use an electro sex toy without any worries. It is enjoyable for one and all. But honestly, women would love the most.

However, those who have already faced cardiac problems or undergoing poor health condition should avoid using it. Pregnant ladies are also advised not to use it for safety.

Our Electro Sex Toys

Adultpassion brings you the most outstanding electro sex toys. All these models are quite advanced and designed to assure complete safety for the users.

Have a look:

Butter Fly Dance Electro Sex Kit  

Butter Fly Dance Electro Sex Kit is an advanced stimulator of muscles and operates by emitting electrical impulses. The body receives the impulses electronically and relaxes the muscles to help one enjoy a pure erotic action.

Pink and Blue in colour, it looks quite trendy. It is known for its multi-speed vibration along with its 6 electrical impulses. Moreover, it is quite easy to clean and features a crystal clear display.


Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit  

If you are new to electro sex toys, try this Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit and get some wild stimulations. It features an LCD screen for users to ensure the level of intensity and power control.

Depending on what one wishes to enjoy, be it a sensuous tingle or a throbbing tap, one single push of a button does everything. On top of it, there are over 100 stimulation combinations for making users take unending enjoyment.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items