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As per the online service agreement of our website, sexotica.in, here are all the terms and conditions that must be read carefully. Prior to accessing any information on this website, one must strictly understand, accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

·         We sell our products only after receiving the confirmation of 18 years of age limit from your end. If you are below 18, please do not place any order as it will be strictly against our policy. While placing the order, the real age limit of the user must be confirmed, or otherwise, the order will not be accepted.


·         If a wrong product is delivered to the customer, he/she must inform us within 48 hours. However, if this time period exceeds, that is, if the customer takes more than 48 hours to inform us, we will not grant any sort of return request.


·         We will replace any sort of product if there is a request for return. We do not refund the money to the customer in such cases.


·         We do not accept any return requests for products that have been already used by the customer. As we sell only sell fresh products, we shall not entertain any reason for returning used products.


·         We sell our products strictly for personal use and not for any commercial purpose. Our motive is to improve one’s personal health and hygiene, and not intended towards any business. Do not share any of our products with anyone, be it your family members or friends.


·         If the parcel undergoes any sort of damage during use by the customer, no matter how major or minor it is, we will not accept any return request. Since we will not be liable for this damage caused to the product, no request for return shall be taken.


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Adultpassion is a leading sex toys store in Amritsar, Punjab. We have exclusive collection of adult sex toys and accessories